The Great Kiwi Online Auction: Supporting Kiwi Charities, Local Businesses & Domestic Tourism

We want to help Kiwis who need it the most!

This year has been hard for everyone, especially our charities and local businesses. We also know Kiwis are great at 'givingadamn'.  So, we've worked out a way to support Kiwi charities and YOUR business in 2021!

giveadamn is an online charity auction designed to support 25 Kiwi charities AND as a way to help you showcase YOUR business, create more brand awareness and drive leads to your website. 

PLUS, you'll receive your bidsheet after the event enabling you to do follow up sales to your underbidders, or add to your mailing list for future contact.

Find out more.

How does it work?

It's simple!  Fill out the online form to donate an item for the 2021 auction (e.g. product, service or experience), nominate which of the giveadamn charities you want to support, and we'll do the rest.

  • Bidders can search auction items by category, region and charity
  • The charities will receive 90% of the net proceeds from the Auction and 100% of any Donations made via the online auction platform – powered by GalaBid.

    SO, jump on board!  Help us help others, while we also help you.

    Everyone needs a hand right now, so reach out and ‘giveadamn’.

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    Everyone needs a hand right now - Together we can make a difference!

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